Please review this PDF file. It has important notes that you need to read to be ready to export and print your file. 

DOWNLOAD THIS PDF FILE: http://cl.ly/3g3G042C0K2i

The important updates PDF goes over this information, but make sure that your InDesign page count including your cover (if you inserted it into InDesign) has to be a page-count that be divided evenly by four. Example: 32, 36 and 40. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.

For Tomorrow:

- Your Group needs to be ready to present your project on the projector by 2:00 PM, have your files saved on a flash drive. Everyone will use the projector to print, you will also need your model for your presentation.

- You were also required to have your Pamphlet ready for your final presentation so please bring those with you and we will be pinning those up as well.

- After we are finished presenting I will help those that need to print complete their files. Again though your Pamphlet is part of your final presentation and it will noted on your assessment if it was not ready on time.

Final Submittal:

- As stated before all your files and projects are due by 5:00 PM tomorrow, digital submission and printed pamphlet. I unfortunately cannot change the due date, however I will accept work until Wednesday at 5:00 PM but it will be considered late and reduced points will be given. 

- All PDF files should be turned into the correct folder on Dropbox or turned in on a flash drive to me. Your InDesign Packet needs to be turned in on a Flash Drive it is likely too large to upload to Dropbox.


- Double Check with me to make sure that your layout is 100% correct before printing. I cannot give everyone refunds because they did not setup their layout correctly before printing, so make sure to ask for help if you need it. Check with the tutorial first before asking me, tomorrow will be a busy printing day.

If you have any questions please let me know and I will see you tomorrow.



Final Assignment Checklist


I believe all of you know what is due on Tuesday, but as a reminder for you, here is a simplified list of what is due without all the extra requirement details.

You can turn these files in via Dropbox or Flash Drive.

A03 - Analog > Digital

1-2 - PDF Files - 11 x 17 (template provided)

A03 - FOLDED*FORM (group project)

2-3 - PDF Files - 11 x 17 (template provided)

A04 - Drawings

4 - PDF Files - 11 x 17 (template provided)
• 1 - Elevation
• 2 - Section
• 3 - Axonometric
• 4 - Perspective

PAMPHLET*CATALOG - This is the only file you need to print

1 - Printed Booklet
1 - Finalized Digital PDF (ready for viewing on projector or web)
1 - InDesign Package of booklet and booklet cover

Digital Submission

Submission of ALL above files. THIS IS HOW YOU WILL BE ASSESSED.

Pamphlet Notes:
- Digital Media Assignments that were originally to scale for example, Tectonic Drawing and Axonometric, need to be to scale in your Pamphlet. 

A04 Notes:
- All A04 drawings need to be scale. You set the scale, and you choose what drawing example to present. You can choose to submit just a portion of your overall bridge drawings/diagrams. Your studio projects were a very large scale so you can show portions of your drawing or a bay, notate the scale and that it is just a portion of the overall drawing.

- This is not just a completion assignment. You need to prove that you know how to create a well developed example of elevation, section, axon, perspective. Dimensions, reference information, entourage to show scale, etc.

Extra Notes for Final Assessment:

- Be creative with layouts and text for your Pamphlet. Just simply placing your work plainly on the page and submitting, is the minimum, and that will reflect your grade. Feel free to use color, custom graphic details and fonts.

- You will be heavily assessed on completion of all requirementsquality and quantity of work and effort presented in work.

- Look at online examples of completed renderings from other architects and samples that were uploaded in Dropbox. Your renderings, elevations, sections, axons, and diagrams need to have as much relevant detail as possible.

GROUP PROJECT: Remember this is a Group Project so the quality and quantity of work should reflect that. More than 1 person is working on this project, so the work should reflect that 2-4 people worked on this project.

- Remember simply turning in your work and presenting the minimum, receives the minimum grade. Completing your assignments with obvious intention and effort and going above minimum requirements will receive higher marks.

If you have any questions please let me know. If you want to send screenshots of progress work please do and I will get back ASAP.

Thanks, have a good weekend, and good luck on all your final projects and exams.

Booklet Printing Tutorial Update


I have added more information to Booklet Tutorial I provided you with yesterday. Please download the latest version so you are prepared for Monday. 

Download Here: http://cl.ly/330n362w362B


• Your InDesign layout has to have a EVEN NUMBER of pages. If necessary add a blank page before the final page with your name on it.

• You will need to add your Cover Design to the Booklet of pages that you exported from InDesign. Because I did not get a chance to explain this in class, you need to make sure to follow the portion of the tutorial that describes Adding your InDesign Cover to the PDF Booklet. You will need to add two blank pages so it can be viewed correctly for presentations, the tutorial explains this.

• IF you are going to use the plotter to print your cover you can save money by plotting yours and a classmates on the same print. If you setup your plot on a 12 x 36 sheet you can fit 2 covers on one print. You will need to set this up in Illustrator by making a 12 x 36 Artboard and arrange both covers.

With this tutorial you should be able to do the following:

- Export your InDesign booklet for printing

- Export your InDesign booklet for presentation or web view

- Print your InDesign Cover

- Export your InDesign Cover to PDF

- Add your InDesign Cover to the PDF Booklet that contains your pages

- Package your InDesign file once your booklet has been completed.

As an example of how your FINAL CORRECTLY EXPORTED PDF will look once viewed as a presentation or on web go to this link on issuu.com to see example:  http://issuu.com/ttu_coaep/docs/dm2_pamphlet_sample

If you have any questions or there are an errors please let me know so I can fix it quickly.

We will have all-day Monday and a only a couple hours on Tuesday morning to be printed, please review the documents so you are familiar with all the steps. If you are completed before Monday I encourage you to follow these steps. Again I will setup up in one of the studios on Monday to help anyone who is having issues. 

InDesign - Booklet Printing Tutorial - Updated

Download Here


Printing / Export Instructions


Below are instructions for printing and exporting you InDesign file.

You are exporting 2 PDFs one for printing and one for your FINAL ASSESSMENT. 

On Monday at 10:30 I will setup up a projector in one of the studios, so if you having any trouble with exporting we can resolve any of the issues. This is not mandatory but for your benefit.

If you have any questions please let me know.

I will be sending two more tutorials as soon as I can: One for printing your cover and one for saving your InDesign Package which you will also be turning in.

Download Tutorial Here